Monday, October 23, 2006

summer in argentina

in argentina, the entire population has the custom, or is at least subject to the effects of the custom of a certain time in the afternoon allotted for siesta. during this time, some people sleep, some people watch tv, some drink matte, some sit with friends and talk, or other such riveting activities.
i of course have the desire to embrace this culture while i'm here, so i also have adopted the custom of siesta. this particular afternoon i decided i would take to my bed and sleep for a bit, because i had missed quite a bit of sleep on my recent travels, and wanted to catch up. however, when i entered my room, i perceived that it contained sauna-temperature air. it's coming on to late spring here, so it's only getting warmer and warmer each day.
nevertheless, i was resolute in my decision to sleep, so i stripped off all unnecessary raiment, and ascended to my bed, (i have the middle one in a stack of three) and despite the warmth, fell into a rather comfortable sleep.
approximately an hour and a half later, i awoke with the distict sensation that i had just gone swimming. it was then that i realized that in argentina, in the summer, it is impossible to do any activity, even sleep, without perspiring.


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